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ติดต่อสอบถาม     Call: 0-2911-4761-5        Line: @pvnengineering     Email:

จัดส่งฟรีเมื่อซื้อสินค้าตั้งแต่ 3,000 บาท

  • Adjustable Angle Bimetal Thermometer"REOTEMP"

Adjustable Angle Bimetal Thermometer"REOTEMP"

REOTEMP’s Bimetal Thermometers are reliable and accurate temperature sensors requiring no electricity or wiring. Adjustable Angle Thermometers allow for easy temperature monitoring from any position and they are ideal for local indication. They can be recalibrated with a turn of the calibration screw on the back of the dial

- Heavy-Duty Process Grade Design
- Made in the USAD
- Dial is Adjustable to Any Position for Easy Viewing
- Accuracy ± 1% Full Scale. (ASME B40.3)
- Hermetically Sealed (ASME B40.3)
- Standard External Reset for Easy Calibration
- Silicone Fillable for Vibration


Accuracy : ± 1% Full Scale (ASME B40.3)

Dial Size : 3”, 4” or 5”

Dial Material : Black marks on satin matte aluminum finish, Hi-Vis™, or white dial

Stem Length : 2” to 80

Stem Diameter : 1/4” (Standard), 3/8” or 5/16” 
Head, Bezel, Mounting Bushing, Stems : 300 Series SS, 316SS (Optional)

Operating Conditions : Head temperature should not exceed 200°F (150°F if silicone filled). Stem should not be exposed to continuous temperatures exceeding 50% overrange or 800°F (550°F if silicone filled).

Environmental Protection :  IP67, NEMA 6 Rated (Hermetically sealed per ASME B40.3)

Lens : Glass (Standard), Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Laminated Safety Glass or Tempered Glass

Immersion Minimum : 2” in liquid, and 4” in gas for most ranges. Certain ranges require up to 4” in liquids & 5” in gas. 
Mounting Connection : 1/2” NPT (Standard), 1/4” NPT, 3/4” NPT, Plain Hex Bushing, or 1/2” BSPT

Temperature Sensing Area : Last 2” to 4” of the stem

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