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จัดส่งฟรีเมื่อซื้อสินค้าตั้งแต่ 3,000 บาท

  • I/P Transducer Type 1500 (966-710-100) "MARSH BELLOFRAM"

I/P Transducer Type 1500 (966-710-100) "MARSH BELLOFRAM"

The T-1500 is a new series of electro-pneumatic transducers that convert an electrical signal
to a proportional pressure output. It provides precision electro-pneumatic control to actuators,
valves, positioners, final control elements and is ideally used for high-flow control devices.

The Type 1500's compact size and accessibility to ports and adjustments allow the unit to be
installed in space-constrained locations or in a manifold for multi-device control. DIN rail and manifold assemblies are available in kits that provide three, five or ten mounting points.

An integral pneumatic volume booster is included in the Type 1500 design to provide high
flow capacity. (See specifications for flow data.)

Standard Features

-Small footprint, compact size
-Manifold mounting configuration

-Built-in volume booster

-Electrical Connections : Conduit 1⁄2 NPT orBSPT, Terminal Block, Hirschmann®Connectors (DIN 43 650-A)

-Supply and output ports onfront and back of unit

-Low air consumption

-External zero and span adjustments

-Low cost

-Field accessible orifice

-Electrical conduit connectionmeets CE requirements

Electrical Input Signal : 4-20 mA, 2 wire
Pneumatic Output : 3-15 PSI
AccuracyLinearity : < 0.75%, Hysteresis < 0.75%, Repeatability < 0.5%
Pressure Ports : 1/4" female NPT
Flow Rate : 6.5 SCFM typicalSupply
Pressure : 20-120 PSI maximum
Supply Pressure Sensitivity : < 2.5% of span
Supply Air : Oil free clean dry filtered air (instrument quality)
Exhaust Capacity : > 1.0 SCFM @ 5 PSI above set point
Low Air Consumption : 3.0 SCFH @ 15 PSI output
Vibration : < 0.7% of span per 0.5 g-level 25-100 Hz
Temperature Range : -20 °F to 150 °F, temperature compensated
Zero & Span : External adjustment on front of unit for recalibration
Electrical Connection : Terminal block
Enclosure Rating : NEMA 4X
Agency Approvals : FM, CSA and CENELEC Instrinsically Safe, CE mark
Field Selectable  : Direct acting or reverse acting
Mounting : In-line, panel mount (bracket included)
Housing Material/Seals : Aluminum (painted)/Nitrile seals

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